7 Ways to Recognize a Perfect Pet Superfood for Dogs (and Cats)

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tender & True Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.
Scooby is part of our family so it’s a priority for us to make sure that his food meets the same standard that ours does. Sure, this is partially because he has allergies. But, I can tell you that switching to premium dog food has made a difference in his skin which proves to me that what a dog eats matters. And, want to feel just as good about what I buy for him as I do when it comes to the meat and veg on our table.
It’s Nutrient Rich (Hence the Name Pet Superfood)
Foods that are naturally nutrient-rich are referred to as superfoods. They’re all-the-rage at the moment for humans, sending shoppers scurrying to fill their carts with the likes of blueberries, kale and flax. Pet superfoods are also packed with naturally nutrient-rich ingredients. What is healthy for a human is not always best for your pet. A pet superfood is not about taking human superfoods and making a pet formulation. The entire ingredient list of a pet food should be based on the nutrient needs of dogs or cats, which are obviously different than humans. This is what Tender & True does, and why it is the perfect superfood for your pet. It’s Certified Organic
Just like human food, there is a difference between, say, an organic blueberry and a conventionally grown blueberry. I buy organic ingredients for the family whenever possible. If a pet food is labeled USDA organic, this means it’s certified to be 95% organic. Tender & True is the first USDA certified dry pet food and one of only a few pet foods on the market with a full line of USDA certified products.
No Fillers Are Present
I didn’t realize how common it is for dog foods to have fillers in them. Corn is a big one. Dogs can’t digest it and it’s known to trigger allergies. Wheat is not a natural part of a dog’s diet. Neither is soy. Dogs aren’t well-equipped to eat these three ingredients as they are primarily carnivores. I choose to avoid them for Scooby. And other fillers can include things like powdered cellulose, which is sawdust.
Poultry Is Antibiotic-Free and Humanely-Raised
The antibiotic-free (ABF) designation means that its poultry is always raised without antibiotics. Poultry is also GAP Certified which means it’s humanely raised. In fact, Tender & True has the only full line of GAP Certified organic pet food available.
Fish Is Certified Sustainable
Scooby’s favorite flavor of dog food has always been fish (he particularly likes Tender & True’s Whitefish & Potato Recipe). The fish used by Tender & True is certified sustainable because it comes from MSC certified fisheries.
There Are Zero Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors
Chemical preservatives are believed to be toxic to your pet. Pop Ethoxyquin, BHA, and/or BHT into Google and you’ll immediately see why. I also didn’t realize that these types of preservatives are needed because it’s common that low-quality dog foods are sprayed with fats and sugar to get dogs to eat the food. No thank you.
My Dog REALLY Likes It
So, let’s just say that Scooby has been known to protest what’s in his bowl. If he would like something different, he simply won’t eat what’s in his bowl. He’s smart like that because I’ll panic and then start switching things up. He doesn’t do this with Tender & True. In fact, I had envisioned capturing a sweet shot of him gulping his food but it has proved next to impossible as he’s so excited to eat it. Find Tender & True near you.
What is important to you when it comes to pet food?

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