Are We Officially Ski Bums Yet?

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At what point do we hit official “ski bum” status? In the last 5 weeks we’ve gone 11 times for a total of about 44 hours including the 20 minute drive up and back. I think that officially counts as a part time job right? No wonder we are so tired! Its been fabulous to watch our kids (and Sam) progress so rapidly. The kids finished up their wintersport ski school classes, and the older two are excited to try out some blue runs this week from the top of the mountain!
A couple of observations about skiing together as a family:
1⃣ No skiing two days in a row. It takes a lot of time to get all of us dressed and up to the hill, uploaded, and then skiing. As much as we’d like to spend all our time on the slopes someone has to work to pay the bills and clean the house (maybe not that last one).
2⃣ Let the instructors take the kids up on the lift for the first time. I took Rachel (who had a panic attack) and then Cara whom we thought was ready. She really just screamed the whole way down even though she skied between my legs the entire time. At least she was smiling on the way up, right?!

3⃣ It’s gonna be like mountain biking – divide and conquer. Rachel and Andrew are ready for some harder runs, but an adult needs to stay back with Cara. She’s gaining speed and confidence but is definitely behind the other two. And that’s okay.
4⃣ It’s awesome but expensive. We bought our season passes early last spring before the prices went up but renting equipment (hoping to buy used at the end of the season for next year) ended up being more than we thought. See #1 for why we can’t just ski all the time.
5⃣ Moms who take 3 kids up the the slopes by themselves should get a medal. Just saying…
Aside from skiing we are trying to make it through our school curriculum while digging ourselves out of the financial hole that living in Hawaii for 4 months created. It was worth it, but wow! We are a bit short on cash these days. Good thing skiing is paid for, so now its the cheapest thing we can do for fun!
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